About Us


My heart, my homeland... The word AWTANI stems from the Arabic language meaning a compelling sense of nationality and love for one's homelands. When referring to someone's watan (homeland), it encompasses their country's beauty, rich culture, and history. It is a sense of pride, love, and devotion for one's home to be proud of one's ethnic identity.


AWTANI is a jewelry brand that embodies the essence of Middle Eastern culture through beautifully crafted pieces of jewelry. Started by two Syrian-American women, AWTANI jewelry is a reflection of their personal experiences and memories of their childhood. The brand's name itself, meaning "my homelands" in Arabic, captures the essence of the brand's mission - to showcase the hidden gems of beauty and art that Middle Eastern culture offers.

The founders of AWTANI believe that their culture is a source of inspiration and pride, and they strive to share this appreciation with others through their unique jewelry creations. Each piece is crafted with precision and care, highlighting the beauty and richness of Middle Eastern culture.

AWTANI jewelry is more than just accessories - they are meaningful pieces that tell a story. They offer a glimpse into the vibrant and diverse world of Middle Eastern culture, which is often overlooked or misunderstood. Through their jewelry, AWTANI hopes to share the beauty and rich-filled culture of the Middle East with people from all different backgrounds, creating a bridge between cultures and promoting understanding and unity.



Jewelry Care

AWTANI jewelry is always made with real gold plating and quality is a priority to us! With proper care and maintenance, you can expect the gold plating to last for an extended period, typically ranging from a few months to a few years, depending on wear and usage. Protect and maintain the shine of your jewelry by avoiding soaps, chemicals, and sweat. The Octagon Earring Collection is made with enamel and is our only collection that is not gold plated. The AWTANI jewelry bag is the perfect place to store your jewelry pieces.