Albi Necklace

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Introducing the Limited-Edition Albi Necklace – a limited edition jewelry piece designed to capture the essence of love and affection. Named after the Arabic term "albi," meaning "my love," this necklace is a celebration of endearment and devotion, making it the perfect expression of love.

At the heart of the Albi Necklace lies a stunning white opal heart, radiating purity and elegance. Opals are known for their mesmerizing play of colors, symbolizing the dynamic facets of love. This precious gemstone is delicately embraced by a rose charm crafted from shimmering zircon, adding a touch of romance and sophistication to the design.


How it Works:

Combine the captivating white opal heart with a rose charm in the color of your preference.

Charm 1 Default: White Opal Heart - 

Charm 2: Pink Rose, Red Rose


Length: 15.7" + 3.5"


18k Gold-Plated Brass

White Synthetic Opal

Top Grade 5A Quality Zircon

Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic