Map Charm Necklace

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Introducing the Map Country Charm Necklace, a heartfelt tribute to your homeland and a symbol of your deep appreciation for the place that has shaped your identity. This unique necklace allows you to carry a piece of your country close to your heart, creating a truly personalized and meaningful accessory that tells your story and celebrates your roots.

The Map Country Charm Necklace is a testament to the bond you share with your homeland, beautifully crafted to embody the essence of your country. More than just a piece of jewelry; this customizable necklace a powerful symbol of gratitude and admiration for the place you call home.


How it works: 

Explore our extensive collection of exquisitely detailed charms, each showcasing the distinctive borders and features of various countries.

Whether it's your birthplace, ancestral homeland, or a country that holds a special place in your heart, there's a charm that reflects your connection.

Length: 15.7" + 3.5"


18k Gold plated Brass

Nickel Free and Hypoallergenic